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PLease enjoy my blogisms. . I am so fortunate to be able to paint and share my successes and failures with you . I was alate starter in the art field but became thoroughly passionate about painting in the 1980s so quite a few years have gone by in my evolution through a variety of mediums
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

June events

these are the two lives of this painting. I hope you like the new version.
"Ancient Arches"
"Walls of Antiquty III"
A busy month...I had two pieces in  Livermore Art Association's abstract show.
Several of us showed some pieces at a Chamber of Commerce Mixer at Conklin Bros. store.
A large group of folks in the decorating field. Good exposure. Made one contact that seems hopeful. The hardest part of being an artist is doing the PR . I do enjoy talking to people so that helps.
Our Tuesday painters group has been doing a monthly challenge/critique. The idea came from a column in Watercolor Magic Magazine, now Watercolor Artist, and a class with Betsy Dillard Stroud. I was working on a piece when the April issue came out. The challenge was called "Beyond the Brush" so on an impulse I sent in a jpeg of this painting, "Walls of Antiquity III"
Last week I googled myself and was surprised to find a link to The Artists Network site and I had been chosen as one of three runners up. I had totally forgotten sending it in and had started doing further work on the painting. I will post both versions tomorrow.

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Kathleen Mattox said...

Hi, Grace! Congratulations on being a runner up--being in the running is always better than NOT being in it! And it's like the lottery--you can't win if you don't enter. But you did, and it had a good result. More of us need to take a chance on things like that because we have nothing to lose by sending off an image. I like the idea of your monthly challenge and I am in a similar group myself. It certainly forces ME to think outside the familiar "box" and to tackle subjects that I wouldn't otherwise. Keep up the good work!