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PLease enjoy my blogisms. . I am so fortunate to be able to paint and share my successes and failures with you . I was alate starter in the art field but became thoroughly passionate about painting in the 1980s so quite a few years have gone by in my evolution through a variety of mediums
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Olive Grove Festival

Saturday I took part in  this outdoor event put on by the Mission San Jose Chamber of Commerce. It was a very nice venue, not overcrowded, with musical entertainment, food and lots of olive oil vendors with samples. A beautiful day until about 3pm and as predicted by our clever forecasters the wind came up. After a few gusts down went our canopy, which effectively brought our day to a close. Sales were slow. Dont think people were prepared to find artists there and then , there is the "R" word, ever present.
I did sell an Italian painting, a necklace, and a few cards.

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