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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

China in JUly!

Back from China for several days. Starting to get back to normal hours.
This was a Heritage Tour for children adopted from China and their families. Sponsored by the adoption Agency, CCAI, and the Chinese Govt.
11 days of hopping here and there. Tianamen Square, Terracotta Soldiers, or as Hannah calls them, the "Teriyaki" soldiers, The Great Wall, Panda reserve, a cruise on the Li River followed by an extravaganza at night using the Li River as the stage. This was directed by the same man who did the Opening Ceremonies at the 2008 Olympics.
Also a couple of floor shows, dancers, warriors etc.
Museums generally are places they sell things. Pearl factory, Cloisonne' factory, silk factory, terra cotta soldier factory(souvenir size), a museum where kids had lessons in Chinese ink painting and on the last day we cooked individual 5 course meals on woks and steamers.
All in all an interesting experience.
July not the best time to go there.
A country of extremes.
Too hot, too humid, too much pollution, too many people, cars and bicycles.
Little time for painting or even sketches.

But here are couple of quick studies.
The Elephant Trunk Hill and the Approach to the Great Wall.