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PLease enjoy my blogisms. . I am so fortunate to be able to paint and share my successes and failures with you . I was alate starter in the art field but became thoroughly passionate about painting in the 1980s so quite a few years have gone by in my evolution through a variety of mediums
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Plein Air paintoout

The first Annual Plein Aire Event was held at the Coyote Hills Regional Park near San Francisco Bay. Well, wouldn't you know, here in sunny California, we woke up to rain . A few faint hearted souls chose to run away but hey, its only water.
I have been trying out some new acrylic paints, Interactive by Atelier so decide to give it a try. Found my self a spot under a tree and set up. The tree dropped water even after the rain let up but paint on I did. I was quite happy with the result. I hear it was number 4 in the popular vote and later got second place in another small show.
Here is the photo of "Rainy Morning".


Kathleen Mattox said...

It definitely has that "rainy essence", doesn't it? I've been working on my Day 2 painting from the Rosecrucian workshop also. It's coming together. I'm eager to see a photo of your efforts!

Mary Kay Chicoine said...

I think it is wonderful and it certainly turned lemons into lemonaide. It looks like you are looking through a rainy window and it is great!