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PLease enjoy my blogisms. . I am so fortunate to be able to paint and share my successes and failures with you . I was alate starter in the art field but became thoroughly passionate about painting in the 1980s so quite a few years have gone by in my evolution through a variety of mediums
I will write about what I am currently doing so come on back.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catch up time

So many things have happened since my last post it will take me a few days to come up to date.
Going back to April I went to a workshop called realism to abstraction. you will soon see one of the paintings that resulted from this.The title is "Eastern Influence" and was inspired by a visit to the Rosicrucians Garden in San Jose CA. Consequently some Egyptian essence. Another is in the works.
Also in April I was the Showcase artist for our local Art Association. I have been a member for many years and I really got my start there. Since my husband and I have been out of the area for a number of years wandering around in our RV I decide to show an overview of some of my favorite paintings, a retrospective I think its called. Often this type of show comes along at a later time but I am here and enjoyed showing these pieces.
The painting "Smokin'" (Shown on last post} was sold as well as a print of the same piece. It is of the boat my son, Tom , races in.

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