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PLease enjoy my blogisms. . I am so fortunate to be able to paint and share my successes and failures with you . I was alate starter in the art field but became thoroughly passionate about painting in the 1980s so quite a few years have gone by in my evolution through a variety of mediums
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Recap of Travels

Guess I got behind after I lost my camera.
Here we go.
Continued the cruise until arrival in Vancouver BC where Jack picked us up.
It had been very hot the week before. Actually it was 85 degrees F in Skagway. A sunburn in Alaska?
Spent two weeks in our RV parked between my sister,Barbs and our niece, Teresas homes in Tsawassen.
Barb and Gord's garden is huge and lots of it ready to harvest. What do with?
Well, they set up a regular production line . First its pickles. Dills and Bucket pickles which are similar to a bread and butter type. No processing, just keep cool. Both the chef and the pickles!
Also pea pickin',shelling and freezing and green beans as tall as the Jolly Green Giant.
The barn next to us is inhabited by swallows nesting and having babies. After 2-3 days the little ones stick their heads out and open their mouths. Very cute.
I also spent a night with Fran , my nursing school roommate. Nice to keep in touch.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Grace,

It's nice to have you back among us. I am looking forward to all the new art you will create based on your travel experiences of the summer. Loved the little description of the swallows.

About the closest I've been to the animals this summer was a delightful, if short, trip last week to the Oakland Zoo with the girls!

I'm about to catch up on the rest of your recent blog notes. Thanks for sharing your art and experiences with us.

Bye for now.

Ann-Marie H.